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About Us

At Lamain Industries we are committed to staffing our militaries’ commissaries with team members who want to have a part in supporting our nation’s military and their families. By providing a clean, safe, organized, and enjoyable shopping experience in all of our ten locations across the country, we are ensuring that the values of economic security and family readiness are attainable for all commissary patrons. We recruit and train in the areas of  Commissary Management, Warehousing, Logistics, Commissary Operations, Custodial Management, Stocking,  and Inventory Management.

Managing and staffing a military commissary is a challenging but rewarding task  as the commissary is a vital resource for military families, providing them with access to affordable groceries and other essential goods. Our ideal job candidate is customer service oriented, organized, responsible, efficient, proactive, and, above all, a team player. To apply for a  position in one of our many commissary locations, click here.  

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